Friday, September 20, 2013

Beg. Ceramics: Slab Boxes Tutorial

Wedge clay
Flatten the clay on the slab roller and roll it out into a thin slab

Place the template on your slab and cut around

For the square box, cut out 6 square slabs

Place a ruler 1/4" from the edge
Hold a wooden knife at a 45º angle to create a bevel cut.  Do not cut all in one stroke!  Score the clay several times before cutting all the way through.
Cut a bevel edge on all 4 sides

Repeat for all 6 squares
Let your slabs dry to leather hard.  Cover them loosely and let them stiffen overnight.  If there is space, place them on plaster to dry them out faster.
When the slabs are leather hard, score & slip together

With each connection, add a thin coil on the inside of the corner

Smooth out the coil

Using the end of a paintbrush may help you smooth the coil, especially once you have more of the box formed

When you have 5 slabs slipped & scored together, tap the corners with a wooden tool to compress the seams

If the lip of the box is uneven, use a utility knife to trim - be careful to maintain the 45º angle.  Smooth out the lip.

Smooth out the lid and attach a handle


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